ACR Satellite-3 2874 EPIRB Category I Rescue Beacon with Auto-Release Bracket without Built-in GPS

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Product Description

The Satellite-3 EPIRB is ideal for those who do not require the speed and accuracy of a GPS-equipped EPIRB. The Satellite-3 406 EPIRB has quietly built a reputation in the commercial fishing industry. This workhorse utilizes a proprietary electronics package for faster, more stable 406 MHz transmissions to low-earth orbiting LEOSAR satellites. In an emergency your registered, digitally-coded distress message is broadcast via a powerful 6-watt, 406 MHz signal (typically within 1 hour). An integrated 121.5 MHz homing signal then guides local Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts. Upgrade to GPS positioning with the optional GPS interface cable (sold separately). This connects the Satellite-3 to your vessel’s GPS receiver to continuously update and store precise position data. GPS positioning narrows the search radius from 2.3 nm down to .05 nm (110 yds) and provides SAR notification typically in 2-15 minutes. is a unique Web-based solution that allows you to add personal, non-distress satellite messaging to your 406 MHz EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) - increasing the functionality of your emergency signaling device and letting family and friends know that you’re OK. The unit features a full functional self-test including battery voltage and internal circuitry, a bright LED strobe that conserves battery power without sacrificing intensity, a single three-position switch for easy test and operation, and a lanyard coiled on a recessed spool for non-tangling deployment. The unit will operater for up to 72 hours on its five-year lithium battery. The Satellite-3 is backed by a five year warranty, measures 6.97 x 4.2 x 3.6 inches, and weighs 20.5 ounces. It comes with the automatic Category I Sea Shelter-3 bracket, is fully enclosed and is made of high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene for years of extreme abuse; the patented rod system releases the beacon when submerged in water between 4.9 and 13.1 ft.

Product Features

  • 406 MHz Satellite Search and Rescue transmitter. Notifies authorities instantly if you are in a distress situation anywhere in the world
  • 121.5 MHz Homing Beacon transmitter allows nearby rescuers to home in on your position
  • Category I auto-release bracket with hydrostatic release. Beacon deploys automatically if the vessel sinks
  • Cost-effective peace of mind without the expense of a built-in GPS. Rescuers generally obtain a fix on your position within an hour with an accuracy of about two miles
  • Five-year, non-hazmat battery. Unit will operate for at least 48 hours when deployed, even after five years with monthly self-test