Disasterman - Hurricane Irene and the media

After watching HOURS of coverage of Hurricane Irene on CNN, the Weather Channel and Fox this weekend, I must say I have rarely seen such hysteria over what was a serious, but hardly apocalyptic event!  My favorite was when Geraldo Rivera actually ran footage of a scene from the film "The Day After Tomorrow" showing a gigantic tsunami bearng down on NYC.  He then assured viewers that this was not actual footage of what was happening during the storm!  Meanwhile, reporters basically stood in the rain, got wet and tried not to get the blowing sea foam in their mouths. It was some of the best comedy I have seen in years!

That said, I think that emergency management folks and officials up and down the eastern seaboard did an amazing job of warning the public of the dangers. And to all of those who have been affected by the hurricane, or still dealing with its aftermath, my thoughts are with you. - Disasterman