Hydration Technology Innovations LifePack Water Filter

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Product Description

The LifePack was designed as a cost effective way to prepare for an emergency. It produces a 3 day supply of drink from virtually any water source, even muddy water. Stock up today and prepare your family for an emergency. The filter uses a passive osmotic process so it never clogs, requires no pumping and filters down to the atomic level (3-5 angstroms - which is .3-.5 billionths of a meter) so the filter removes even the smallest viruses to the same purity of a complicated reverse osmosis machine.

Product Features

  • Forward osmosis filter requires no pumping, works in any virtually and water, even muddy water. Produces a sports drink for improved hydration.
  • Meets or surpasses reductions for bacteria, viruses and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers
  • Be prepared for emergencies and protect your family with the LifePack water filter
  • The highest purity level of any personal filter, non-clogging filter produces a sports drink for improved hydration.
  • Compact water filter that produces 3-day supply of drinking water
  • Includes six 2-ounce syrup charges and 60-fluid-ounce filter
  • Meets or exceeds all EPA criteria for bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Ultra-pure forward osmosis filter works with virtually any water source
  • Uses sports drink syrup to add electrolytes to water; non-clogging filter design