Mayday 4 Person Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kit

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Product Description

This four (4) person kit includes: 1 Honey Bucket w/Lid, 4 2400-Calorie Food Bars, 4 Solar Blankets, 24 Pouches of Water, 4 Dust Masks, 4 Ponchos, 1 12-Pack of Liners, 6 Wet Naps, 1 12-hour Light Stick, 1 T-5 Chemical Toilet Disinfectant, 1 Roll of Duct Tape, 1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool, 1 Pry Bar, 1 54-Piece First Aid Kit, 1 Dynamo Flashlight/Radio, 1 Pair of Gloves, 1 Utility Knife, 1 Whistle and 50 Water Purification Tablets.

Product Features

  • Be ready for any emergency at home or work
  • Food and water has a 5 year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • This Kit has more gear to keep you protected in the event of an emergency
  • Designed for any type of emergency, including hurricanes and floods