Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

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Product Description

Features:  A complete 72-hour emergency meal kit that contains 3 full meals per day.  Just add water.  1 adult serving size.  7 year shelf life.  Breakfast & Vegetables:  Granola with Blueberries and Milk.  Scrambled Eggs with Bacon.  Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Peppers.  Garden Green Peas.  Whole Kernal Corn.  Cut Green Beans.  10 ounce Lunch & Dinner Entrees:  Beef Stroganoff.  Chicken Teriyaki.  Chili Mac with Beef.  Rice and Chicken.  Pasta Primavera.  Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice.

Product Features

  • Ideal for emergency situations
  • Simple to prepare by adding water
  • Meals feature a seven-year shelf life
  • Meal kit includes three breakfasts, three side vegetables, and six 10-ounce packets of lunch and dinner entrees