Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs

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Help Your Dog!  Do you know what to do if your dog is injured or has a medical emergency?  The decisions you make in the first few critical minutes can determine whether   or not you successfully get your dog to a veterinarian for proper care. With Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs DVD you’ll have the knowledge you need to take the proper action quickly and confidently.  Dogs can bite into electrical cords, get hit by a baseball or have a heart attack that causes their heart to stop beating. You will learn dog CPR that could save their life. Many dogs have successfully be saved by giving them CPR. In a recent house fire in Florida several dogs were saved by firemen performing CPR. Learn how to recognize and what to do if your pet is in shock. Learn what to do in the case of poisoning from antifreeze, chocolate, and household products and much, much more. Many dog owners do not realize that chocolate could be deadly for your dog.    Do you have the National Animal Poison Control Center s, veterinarian, and other important phone numbers posted in an easy to locate place in your home?  From traffic accidents to a simple cut paw, Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs will guide you, step by step, so you will know exactly what to do. If you take your dog on hunting and camping trips, you will have the knowledge on how to treat your pet in case of an accident away from veterinary help. You will learn what items you should have in your pet first aid kit. You’ll be prepared. Why take the chance of not knowing?  Watch Pet Emergency First Aid- Dogs DVD with your family and everyone will know what to do if the four-legged member of your family ever is injured or becomes ill. Do it today so you’ll be prepared tomorrow. Make Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs an important member of your DVD library.  Pet Emergency First Aid: Dogs will give you the confidence you need to help your pet through an emergency AND save its life. Make Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs an important member of your DVD library.    Topics Covered - Scene Safety - Muzzling - Rescue Breathing - CPR - Choking - Shock - Poisoning - Snakebites - Hypothermia - Burns - Fractures - Car Accidents - Eye Injuries - Foot Injuries - Drowning - Heat Stroke - What’s Normal for My Dog   Bonus Footage Included   Order Now to Protect Your Dog!  DVD- Bonus Footage Included