Survival Seed Kit, High Protein, 100% Heirloom/non GMO (Protein can be dangerously low in other seed

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Product Description

The USDA recommendation for an average 140lb adult is a minimum of 50 grams of protein per day.  Without sufficient protein the body will consume its own muscle mass to meet protein needs.  Many common gardening plants are very low in protein and require consumption of a huge volume to meet 50g.  A select few vegetables (beans, peas and broccoli) are high in protein which allow you to meet 50g easily, and should be the focus of your preparations.

In order to get 50g daily protein from each food source you would have to eat…

38 beets or
70 carrots or
26 cucumbers or
49 peppers or
73 radishes or

—here’s where it gets interesting—
1.2 cups of black beans!
or 6 cups of peas!
or 3 bunches of broccoli!
(Sources: USDA recommendations; USDA food database.)

Why not hunt meat for protein in a survival scenario?...  Because the other 44+ million gun owners in America will most likely have the same plan.  So what long term protein source can you rely upon?  Your Garden!

Seeds in this kit:
Green Bean Bountiful (>50),
Green Bean Burpee’s Stringless (>50),
Purple Bean Royalty Purple Pod (>50),
Black Bean Black Valentine (>50),
Brown Bean Turkey Craw (>50),
Brown Bean Painted Pony (>50),
Broccoli Calabrese (>2000),
Broccoli Waltham 29 (>2000),
Pea Green Arrow (>50),
Pea Little Marvel (>50).

Please note:
The mylar bag will contain air, which the seeds need to survive.
Planting/Growing directions are included in the sealed mylar bag.

Product Features

  • The 10 varieties of seeds (beans, peas, broccoli) are selected to generate high amounts of protein in a short growing season.
  • 50g of daily protein requirements can come from eating 1.2 cups of black beans in a day or 70 carrots in a day! Most survival seed kits are very low in protein.
  • Harvest your own seeds from year to year. All seeds are Heirloom varieties, open pollinated and non-GMO.
  • We purchase these seeds from established companies that professionally dry and test them to ensure 90%+ germination at the time of packaging.
  • Packaging is in a heat sealed food grade 3.5mil compact (8"x10") mylar bag designed to be stored in your refrigerator or freezer for 30 years or more.