Survive the Bomb: The Radioactive Citizen’s Guide to Nuclear Survival

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Attention, citizens and fellow travelers of the Cold War: Survive the Bomb  is your family’s ultimate fallout shelter companion. Keep this book at the ready next to the emergency drinking water and vacuum-packed canned meats and vegetables for that moment when the saber-rattling between the world’s superpowers turns Atomic.
Here are all the tips and information you’ll need to keep your family safe and secure:
·      A convenient set of Civil Defense carrying cards for your wallet or purse
·      Steps for the home handyman toward building a well-furnished fallout shelter
·      How to convert your home’s snack bar into a cozy secondary shelter
·      A checklist of items you’ll need close at hand while awaiting the “all-clear” message from local authorities
·      An Operation Survival! comic, including a crossword puzzle and quiz for the kids
·      Revealing studies, reports, and recommendations to the United States Congress and President
·      Wargame scenarios, aftermath descriptions, and casualty estimates at various distances from a nuclear blast
·      An introduction and commentaries by Cold War historian Eric G. Swedin
Be alert and be prepared. Don’t let a little thing like an atomic particle spoil your day.